The MPS –
Munich Institute for Social and Sustainability Research

The MPS (German name: Münchner Projektgruppe für Sozialforschung) is an independent non-profit institute for social research. Since its foundation in 1979 it is committed to the principle of problem-orientated research.

Currently, problems of sustainable development are at the core of our work:

  • what are social preconditions and consequences of different models of sustainability?
  • which innovative paths to and options for sustainability are available for different social actors?
  • which approaches to sustainability exist on the local, regional and national level?
  • which “reflexive” knowledge of orientation and figuration can be provided for societal decision-making ?

Based on the concept of a participative social research aware of its own ambivalent consequences, we search for options for a sustainable development. A main focus is on the connection of public communication, institutional arrangements and individual action.

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