Evaluation and Optimization of Consulting Services for Self-Employed Women

Evaluation and Optmimization of Consulting Services for Self-Employed Women

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Reserach

OptExist is a joint project of the University of Bremen (IAW), the University of Hamburg, and the Munich Institute for Social and Sustainability Research (MPS). It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

OptExist evaluates consulting supplies and the promotion instruments for female entrepreneurs. It aims to develop gender sensitive criteria for thei9r support. The project identifies successful institutional strategies to support and promote women on their way to entrepreneurship.

OptExist focuses on the potential of women to create new businesses which is not yet availed sufficiently and focuses on promotion and advisory institutions for female entrepreneurs. OptExist asks if the needs of female entrepreneurship are considered sufficiently. And it proposes improvements if necessary.

In order to realize the project aims OptExist cooperates with partners in the field- like start-up information centres, work agencies, chambers of commerce, and credit institutes.

Within the interdisciplinary project network the MPS investigates the specific situation in Bavaria and Munich.

  • Duration 01.08.2006 – 31.07.2009
  • MPS-Team: Gerlinde Vogl, Dr. Cordula Kropp, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer

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